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The world's most popular content publishing platform

WordPress powers almost 30% of the world wide web. That’s over a billion websites. There are many options for WordPress hosting but not all of those options are created equal. With the incredible amount of customers up for grabs, WordPress hosting is a race to the bottom when it comes to pricing- and because of that, quality suffers. Stackpilot provides superior enterprise-grade web hosting and premium options balanced with value. Our customers take their businesses seriously and trust Stackpilot to support their digital presence.


Create powerful content with the technology to back it up

Our customers care about their web presence and need the technology to support their marketing campaigns. With leading enterprise-grade hardware, and advanced software configurations, wondering your website is up to the task of supporting marketing campaigns and spending time on the phone with support agents who don’t understand how to manage professional websites is a thing of the past. Stackpilot offers WordPress hosting solutions your business can depend on, backed by proactive, knowledgeable, friendly support.

Ultra-Managed Industry-Leading Technology

RAID10 Solid State Drives

The most reliable solid state drive redundancy provides the ultimate in data storage reliability and performance

Intel XEON Processors

Mission critical processing designed for reliability and performance on cloud architecture

PHP 8 Ready

The most up-to-date PHP versioning with backwards compatibility ensuring peak reliability from legacy to edge


The industy-leading MySQL fork with better optimizations and more storage engines provide better performing database operations


Finely-tuned configurations of the world's leading webserver powering almost half of the websites on the planet


Distributed memory object caching to speed up dynamic operations and reduce database load

What is unique about Stackpilot's WordPress hosting?

We’ve taken a special interest in website performance. We’re concerned with the reliability, speed, and security of your website, not just our infrastructure. Other hosts offer services that are secure and reliable but don’t have a concern for your specific website. We’re dedicated to offering end-to-end service for your hosting and web development needs helping you maintain a healthy and efficient website.

What is WordPress hosting and why is it important?

Web hosting, quite simply, is placing your website on a server connected to the internet and using specific software designed to manage your website’s assets in a way that makes it deliverable to visitors browsers.

And that’s where it stops for many web hosts.

More often than not, hosts are simply renting you server space to make your website accessible on the web, sometimes they’ll manage the environment or tweak it to work with a specific software package (such as WordPress) but they generally don’t provide support for the software itself.

It’s important to ensure the hardware and software work well together but also to ensure the hardware and software are configured and maintained properly. Hosting is just one piece of the puzzle.

Do you own and operate a data center?

We do not, and many web hosts do not- to include some of the leading WordPress hosts.

And that’s okay! In fact, it’s better this way and here is why…

Owning and operating a data center capable of managing a public hosting operation is a massive logistical undertaking. It’s a business in-and-of itself and doesn’t really lend itself to developing specialty hosting operations.

We’re an authorized LiquidWeb Reseller

We’ve proudly chosen LiquidWeb as our infrastructure partner. Their dedication to premium services aimed at empowering resellers to provide specialized and unique hosting services to end-clients and customers. We lease our equipment, operate entirely on the cloud, and can scale services at mass or for individual clients instantly. We’ve built a solid working relationship with our parent service provider and are currently an enterprise-class reseller.

What if something I need isn't covered in a plan?

Simple! You can change your plan at any time to encompass services you may need. Anything you don’t see as an included service can be purchased as a modularized on-demand development add-on or have us generate a custom quote catered to you specific needs! We also work with some great agencies and developers. We’d love to connect you with the company that’s right for you- and the best part is we’ll be right there to help them out with any server-side or hosting architecture requests!

Can you guarantee you service is better?

Technically, it’s impossible to guarantee that because there are countless factors that make up what “better” might be. What we do guarantee is that your website will be faster with us*. We ensure your website remains secure and our infrastructure remains reliable- and proactively take measures to keep things running smoothly.

We do offer something no other web host on the planet can. The solution for any WordPress need. Our team of WordPress developers, designers, and programmers allow us to guarantee that we are the most comprehensive WordPress provider on the planet.

What if I am happy with my web developer or marketing agency?

We work well with agencies and developers. We’re not here to compete, we’re here to compliment their services. The enemy is the big-box dollar hosting services suckering unsuspecting website owners onto their overcrowded malware cesspools by using flashy superbowl ads, not other agencies and specialty hosts. We’re working with developers and agencies to make the internet a little bit better.

Feel free to have your developer or agency contact us to discuss your needs and determine if we’re the right fit for your business.

Managed WordPress



  • CloudLinux cPanel
  • High Performance WordPress
  • SSL Certificate
  • Automatic Core Updates
  • Offsite Daily Backups (30 Days)
  • Malware Scanning
  • PHP 8 Ready (Adjustable)
  • Uptime Monitoring
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WordPress Managed Server



  • All Managed WordPress Features
  • 100GB Server Backups Backups
  • + Stackpath Content Delivery Network*
  • + Stackpath Web Application Firewall*
  • + Advanced Site-Level Caching
  • cPanel (up to 5 accounts supported)
  • Root Server Access
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