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Being creative and avoiding certain types of images can result in a more professional blog appearance.

Choosing the right featured image for your blog post is important for a number of reasons. It’s important to consider a few things when making your selection. You need to keep in mind the image may not just be visible on your blog post, but any loop that’s pulling your blog posts (think “latest blogs” on your homepage or footer) and it’ll be the image used when sharing the link on social media. At a minimum, the image should:

  • Be ascetically pleasing
  • Not contain any text or logos*
  • Be properly optimized to improve page load speeds.

*you can use text, graphics, or logos if you absolutely know what you’re doing and have considered how your blog is managed through different loops and are aware of how social media platforms size the images, as cropping of logos, text, graphics will create an undesired effect.

Lets look at some good examples using an image

The image is aesthetically pleasing.
It’s good quality, employs some nice photography techniques (in this case, bokeh).

The image is relevant to the post.
While the image doesn’t directly pertain to WooCommerce or Logins, WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce platform, the credit card is relevant enough. Not trying to find the exact image that most closely pertains to your post is a good habit, be creative with your decision if it yields a better result.

It doesn’t contain any purposeful graphics or text or logos.
While there are number and letters, and a MasterCard logo in this image, it’s not purposeful. It isn’t relevant to the image by itself. You’ll notice the numbers are cropped a bit on the large header image example. This is okay, because it’s a photograph. This cropping is further exacerbated when the view port changes (from large desktop to laptop to tablet to iPhone, for example).

It’s optimized for web.
We started with a massive stock photo and sized it to 1920 x 800 and lowered the quality enough to minimize the file size without making it overly noticeable to the human eye. This will result in faster page load times than hanging a photograph from a stock image website or a camera with no regard for image size.

Be creative with your blog post photos, but be careful to use the right ones!


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